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October 27, 2007
'Canvas,' 'Pride' earn Rome fest's
Alice nods


ROME --  The first major awards from this year's RomaCinemaFest were
handed out Friday as the three top prizes from the Alice in the City sidebar for
young moviegoers were announced.

Alice in the City is the only competitive sidebar at RomaCinemaFest, which
will announce its prizes for best film, actor, actress and other categories

The main competition prize was given to "Canvas," from Florida-based
director Joseph Greco. The film tells the story of a young boy who
unsuccessfully tries to hide his mother's mental illness.

Zimbabwean director Sunu Gonera's "Pride" -- an exploration of racial
tolerance using sport as a metaphor -- was awarded a prize from a
children's jury.

The six-minute-long "Tu Sarai" (You Will Be), a tribute to grandparents made
by the Montefalcone Elementary School in the city of Benevento, near
Naples, won the prize for best short film.

The Alice in the City event included 15 films.
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'Canvas,' 'Pride' earn Rome
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