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October 27, 2007
'Juno' takes home top prize at


ROME -- Jason Reitman's "Juno" -- a comedy about a pregnant girl who tries
to find a couple to adopt her baby -- won the top prize at the second
RomaCinemaFest Saturday.

The U.S.-made film, which started to be mentioned as a favorite after it
premiered Thursday, stars Ellen Page as Juno, a Minnesota teenager facing
an unwelcome pregnancy. The film, which was the runner up for the
people's choice award at the Toronto Film Festival in September, will go into
limited release in the U.S. in December and in Europe early in 2008.

Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija won the Best Actor prize for his role as a
Greek archeologist who saves a Jewish orphan during World War II. And "Le
Chun" (And the Spring Comes) star Jang Wenli won the Best Actress prize
for her portrayal of a provincial opera singer with big dreams.

The awards for the ten-day festival were announced during a gala ceremony
at the main auditorium at the Italian capital's Parco della Musica. The full
house reacted enthusiastically to the selection of "Juno" for the top prize, in
contrast to last year when the Marcus Aurellius prize went to Kirill
Serebrennikov's "Izobrajaya Zhertvy" (Playing the Victim), a darling of the
critics that drew mixed responses from the crowd.

This year's 50-member jury -- chaired by award-winning Bosnian director
Danis Tanovic and made up of 50 ordinary moviegoers from across Europe
-- picked more mainstream films for the main prizes.

Among other prize winners was Abolfaz Jalili's "Hafez," which won a special
jury prize; "La Giusta Distanza" (The Right Distance) star Giuseppe Battiston,
who won the prize for Best Italian Performance; Battiston's co-star, Valentina
Lodovini, who won the prize for Best Makeup; Sean Penn's |Into the Wild,"
which won a prize for the Best Film in the Premiere selection; and Forbidden
Lie$," which took home the collateral prize for Best Documentary.
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