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October 26, 2007
Howard's 'Angels' ready to fly


ROME -- The Municipality of Rome on Thursday approved the required
permits for the film adaptation of "Angels & Demons," meaning the hotly
anticipated follow-up to last year's hit "The Da Vinci Code" will begin filming
early next year.

The "Angels & Demons" story is a
prequel to that of "Da Vinci." The first
film grossed a reported $758 million
worldwide. The release date for the
follow-up has been set for December

With the permits now in place, filming
on "Angels & Demons" is set to begin
Feb. 18, mostly in Rome. The Ron
Howard-led team has been denied
access to film in the Vatican, where
much of the story takes place. But the
crew has reportedly been scouting other
locations in Rome for months, and the
local media has reported that they will
use a studio set for the Vatican scenes.

Both films are based on best-selling books by Dan Brown.
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Volume 77; Number 9
Volume 77; Number 9
October 26, 2007
Howard's 'Angels' ready
to fly

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