18.05.07  Oil company Eni outlines low carbon initiatives

Leading Italian oil and natural gas company Eni yesterday announced a three-year €350 million renewable
energy plan and a separate initiative aimed at helping Italian families make their homes more efficient.

The two initiatives are part a wider ranging plan announced earlier this year by Eni chief executive officer
Paolo Scaroni designed to help Eni reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it generates.
A company spokesman declined to speculate on how big an impact the two-part plan would have, but he did
say the company expected the energy efficiency campaign to reduce nationwide emission by as much as 50
million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year if followed correctly.

The renewable energy plan is the centrepiece of the company's plans, the spokesman said. Most of the cash
will be invested in solar energy and biofuel initiatives starting by mid-year and running into 2010.

Eni has said previously that solar energy would be its main renewable energy focus, but most of the details in
the latest plan focuses on biofuel. The company said it would focus on so-called "high-yield" biofuels, based
mostly in Africa and South America.

In March, Eni signed a cooperation deal with Brazilian oil giant Petrobras that would focus in part on
developing biofuel energy. The Eni spokesman said that initiative would be part of the newly-announced

The energy efficiency plan Eni announced will focus on a series of recommendations for adjustments in day-
to-day activities such as transportation, the use of household appliances, lighting, and heating and air

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