The world's a stage for film fests (USA Today, 2007)
For film festival junkies life has never been better, with hundreds
internationally and new ones added each year.

The Da Vinci Queue: Copycats follow 'Da Vinci' (The Hollywood Reporter, 2006)
There is no shortage of would-be companion films standing in line to
cash in on the notoriety and success of "The Da Vinci Code."

Hollywood at the service of science (UPI, 2004)
How one blockbuster film has had an impact that environmental groups
could only dream of.

The true colors of Oliviero Toscani (Advertising Age, 2001)
The man behind Benetton's most memorable ad campaigns talks about
art, advertising, and immortality.

Italy's new filmmaking star (Wall Street Journal, 2007)
An interview with Andrea Porporati as his latest film vies for the
prestigious Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival.
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