The Bully Pulpit (Global Journalist, 2010)
Italy's Silvio Berlusconi's control over the country's media stems
from his control of the airwaves.

La Invazione! Italians are returning to Latin America (Latin Trade, 2001)
Competition and Italian companies' familiarity with 'difficult
markets' makes a move into Latin American markets a natural.

A Tall Tale of Two Wars (Gadflyer, 2004)
Drawing parallels between the war in Iraq and World War II doesn't
work, no matter how much the president says it.

Italy's new leader: U.S. will still be a friend (USA Today, 2006)
In an exclusive interview with USA Today, new Italian Prime Minister  
Romano Prodi says he will hold the U.S. close, but Europe closer

Italy on the precipice (ISN, 2008)
Does the current political and economic crisis in Italy mean the country is
in danger of becoming the world's wealthiest failed state?

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