Hollywood at the service of science (UPI, 2004)
How one blockbuster film has had an impact that environmental groups
could only dream of.

El Niño edges plant to lip of extinction (Houston Chronicle, 1998)
Rare Andean plant is put at risk because of temperature changes
tied to El Niño.

Climate change: can it be curbed? (ISN Security Watch, 2005)
With a record year of severe weather, many groups are wondering whether the focus on
confronting climate change should switch from mitigation to adaptation.

UN World Summit pact gets mixed reviews (National Geographic.com, 2002)
Many think the final text out of Johannesburg doesn't do enough to
help poor nations.

El Niño and La Niña--the Pacific’s deadly duo (Red Cross World Disaster Report, 1999)
The destructive weather phenomena wrecks havoc in Peru and
worldwide with floods and droughts.
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