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The true colors of Oliviero Toscani (Advertising Age, 2001)
The man behind Benetton's most memorable ad campaigns talks about
art, advertising, and immortality.

War of the maps (Mercator's World, 2000)
The border conflict between Peru and Ecuador has roots that date
back more than 500 years, and maps played a major role.

Piranha meat can take bite out of what ails you (Houston Chronicle, 1998)
In the Peruvian jungle, piranha is hailed as the cure-all for problems
such as fertility, virility, and baldness.

Vatican Latin expert no stuffy academic (USA Today, 2005)
This unlikely curmudgeon may be the world's greatest Latinist, but he
doesn't look the part.

Thin air and a witch's curse (Running Times, 1996)
An Andean witch weighs in on who will do well in one of the
world's toughest marathons.